Party Tyme Karaoke PROFESSIONAL

The best online karaoke system for professionals

What is Party Tyme Karaoke Pro?

The Party Tyme Karaoke Pro Streaming service is licensed for professional use in restaurants and other public venues and events. Note that you will still need additional licenses for public performance rights.  Please contact your local organizations (BMI, ASCAP, etc) for more information.

Licensed Worldwide

Over 42,000 songs

Electronic songbook

SmartQ rotation manager

No apps to download, works on browser

Background music

Partnership program

Affiliate program for resellers. API for player vendors.

PC software

If you are looking for a standalone PC software, there are several 3rd party KJ and DJ applications that are able to connect to the Party Tyme song catalog. Please follow the instructions on one of the player vendor’s websites below.

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

Party Tyme Karaoke Pro is only $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year. 48-hour subscription available for $19.99. There is a one week free period for trying out the service if you subscribe to a monthly subscription. For special cases, please ask for an offer!

I want to know more, how can I sign up?

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